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250 gr. 2.85mm fire-retardant ABS filament for FFF 3d printers
Tested in accordance with UL94 and IEC 60695-11-10 normative
Improved diametral stability +- 0.05 mm
Made with Optiroll technology for perfect coiling
Manufactured from 100% virgin ABS Chimey Corp pellet of Taiwan origin
Vacuum packaging with desiccant material and packed in anti-stress box

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ABS++ Flame Retardant is a variation of ABS++ developed to be flame retardant, which makes it suitable for parts that can be exposed to fire as well as for coverings or housings to protect electrical circuits or any element with the risk of generating fires.

Tested in accordance with UL94 and IEC 60695-11-10 normative

When exposed to fire, parts with a wall thickness of 1.50 mm are capable of self-extinguishing the flame in less than 30 seconds without producing plastic dripping, which corresponds to category V-1 according to UL94.

Parts with thicknesses of 2.10 mm or higher are capable of self-extinguishing the flame in less than 10 seconds without dripping of plastic material, corresponding to category V-0 according to UL94.


FFF World's new ABS++ is a thermoplastic filament of great hardness and impact resistance manufactured in a wide range of colors. FFF World ABS++ is specially formulated to be used in 3d FFF printers and obtain optimum adhesion and finishing.

The new ABS ++ incorporates the latest advances in 3D filament manufacture, so its dimensional stability is maximum and the variation in the minimum diameter with a tolerance of 0.03/0.05 mm. It also coils with Optiroll technology that guarantees a perfect yarn without knots facilitating a constant and smooth feed of the extruder.

For the manufacture of this filament only 100% virgin ABS pellet ChiMei Corp. of Taiwan origin is used. The dyes used have been specially selected for colors to retain their properties after printing.

The ABS ++ is subjected to a drying process to be subsequently vacuum packed with desiccant material. It is packaged in a special anti-stress box that protects it during shipping and isolates it from light. It is then stored at constant temperature and humidity until it is sent to our customers.


ABS is an engineering thermoplastic obtained by chemical processes to combine acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene and to obtain a material with excellent mechanical properties. This is why its use is widespread in highly technological industries such as automotive or aerospace. It is also one of the most used materials in FFF technology 3d printers.

The properties of the ABS make it ideal for parts that require a postprocessing, since they allow to sand them, to drill them and, in general, to work them without problem. It is also soluble in acetone, which allows the welding of parts using glue. The latter characteristic also allows to use the acetone to give a superficial treatment to the pieces and that they present a polished and glossy finish.

To improve adhesion to the printing platform, it is recommended to use a warm bed at a temperature of approximately 100 °. It is highly recommended to treat the printing surface by applying lacquer or kapton tape. If it is not enough you should use the "brim" in the rolling program.

For optimum adhesion between layers, it is advisable that the temperature changes of the room where the printer is kept are minimal as well as to neutralize possible drafts.

Following the two tips above will also minimize the warping.

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